The 'Blessings Boomerang'

Do you have an upsetting situation that keeps reoccurring in your life and would like to know why? This simple strategy that came to me the other day from something Sadhguru said about energy helps untangle those puzzling, maddening, worrisome situations.

I don’t like careless drivers and I cuss at them when they cut in front of me, don’t use their signal lights, speed, etc.; the list of judgments is a long one.

Take a minute now to let a judgment come to mind. They drive carelessly. Prices in restaurants are too high. The weather is crappy. Etc.

Whatever has come up is a projection of the mind; a judgment that came from the mind and landed on another human being or on a situation. Can you see how you are, in a way, cursing the other or the situation? “I don’t like it, it’s wrong, it’s bad, it’s not right.” A judgment is a curse of sorts. If I’m mad at them, I’m cursing them.

These judgments have energy that bring back to us what we put out (what we put out into the Universe is what we get back). For that reason, withdrawing projections is a self-healing strategy that raises our own consciousness and also raises the collective consciousness. As soon as we ‘see’ our energetic projections, we can see that the other is carrying the burden of our projection and must act the way they do. Ugh.

That doesn’t mean that everyone will all of a sudden wake up and be conscious, and it does mean that we will evolve into what we already are: harmlessness.

In the example I gave of me, I curse the drivers’ as soon as they make a driving mistake, so they are cursed – I’ve just cussed at them and that’s a curse (it’s definitely not a blessing) and because I’ve sent that out into the Universe, the Universe reflects that back to me and the other drivers accommodate my curse by making mistakes, so I can continue to uphold the projection about careless drivers. I'm putting out a curse on careless drivers so I get back those cursed drivers who curse me by cutting in front of me, etc.

Think of something you don't like in your life that happens often or now and then. Name it. Name the curse you're putting on them/it. See how it's inevitable that it must come back to you.

Here are some examples to help unravel a projection/curse/judgment:

If I say prices in restaurants are too high, I'm saying they are ripping me off, I'm cursing them. What has to come back to me is the feeling and experience of being ripped off all the time.

If I say the weather is crappy, I'm saying the weather is cramping my style, I'm cursing the weather and what has to come back to me is the feeling that everyone and everything cramps my style.

Time has to be taken out of the equation: there is no time with a unified mind because it’s eternal, it’s found the immortal and truest part of itself. So, if I cuss at a driver today, that doesn’t mean that another driver will cut me off today, it means that I’ve put a curse/judgment on drivers and the energy of that will come back to me.

To use other words to point to how the Universal laws work: this is called manifestation. Whatever is in me, I will manifest in the world and think the other or the Universe did it. “The world is like it is because I am like I am.”

This is not to blame self – if we knew we were doing, we wouldn’t. Now that you know a simple way out of the ‘curse boomerang’, you can set yourself free.

To see this projection, this ‘boomerang curse’ is enough to end it because awareness is what causes change. Use all judgments/curses to set yourself free. It only takes a few minutes when you get the hang of it. There is nothing more life-enhancing.

Once you see this, the natural response is to send the other or the situation a blessing. They are helping wake us up to what is false inside of us (duality) and deserving of a blessing for that reason.

When you bless someone, blessings come back to you. It’s important to understand that we don’t go around blessing others to get something out of it. We bless them because we’ve come into understanding and they’ve shown us the truth. Random blessings are good, too, as long as you have no expectations.

I like to use Ho’oponono when I see a projection:

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you

You can offer a simple blessing that feels right to you.

Another blessing that I love is from Mooji:

With palms together, placed on the face, say, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,” repeatedly. You can direct the blessing at someone or at a situation or just out into the Universe in general.

This work takes the charge out of any repeating upsetting pattern you see and changes it.

xo Brenda

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