Eckhart Tolle on Healing

I love this!

Anyone interested in self-healing probably will too.

It's really simple: Can you get quiet, invite yourself to go and stay deep inside of your physical body until you feel aliveness, or as Mooji call it, 'Isness'? That IS disease prevention and a way to heal.

I've noticed that most of the awakened human beings don't address the physical much, even though we live every day in the physical body! Sadhguru says if God came we'd be so silly as to ask him to fix our knee instead of our minds! That lead me to understand that if God comes to visit me, ignore any aches or pains or illnesses and ask for the big one: peace of mind, no matter what.

I once saw Byron Katie get her thumb slammed in a car door, and she had no pain on her face. When asked in class what happened, she said, "If there is no pain in the mind, there's none in the body." I'm in awe of that statement. I've always been curious about why the awakened beings don't suffer even if there is pain either momentarily or for longer periods. This excerpt from Eckhart Tolle's Understanding Pain Bodies offer the explanation that it's hard for pain or disease to exist when the aliveness inside is intense, partially because the immune system is stronger when we're in that state (and weaker when we're in a negative, reactive state - so more prone to health issues).

Read on to see what else Eckhart says about preventing, healing, changing or transforming chronic pain or disease.

With chronic physical pain, Eckhart Tolle explains that changes, healing and transformation can happen if you are able to surrender totally, accept what is in the moment that comes through the pain/condition. Don’t accept the mind-structure of ‘having a condition’. Accept this moment ‘as if you had chosen it’ and don’t think you did choose it as some people will tell you (because they don’t have it quite right and it makes you feel bad and guilty and that won’t help). Allow the pain to push you into acceptance of what is so you don’t build up a superstructure of an unhappy me on top of it. So, use it: the pain or condition.

Another pointer he offers is to consciously direct awareness to the inner energy field of the body; you are going beyond the identification with the physical body, and what you sense is not the physical body anymore. In my own experience this is the place I feel at peace, at home and where information comes to me. Mooji calls it ‘Isness’. A place where ‘I exist’. To do this you ‘leave your mind at the door and pick it up later if you still want it’ and get quiet and still and then focus deep inside of the body. Eckhart says it’s very healing to have attention on the inner body and that it’s a great way of preventing many diseases from arising. In the intense aliveness, diseases find it hard to survive. This awareness affects every cell of the body and the immune system becomes strengthened through that. He highly recommends that when you feel the onset of a flu or disease, to direct your attention to the inner energy field.

I have started doing this as a prevention practice whenever I think of it or when I feel something is off inside of my body.

Eckhart's talk can be found on You Tube here:

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