Are You Controlled or Intimidated by Someone?

Ask yourself these questions to see if you are being bullied (in a subtle or a big way): "Am I always doing what my wife/my husband wants?" "Do I feel like I haven't lived my life or am always giving in?" "Do I just go along with others and end up unhappy?" "Do I stop myself from saying what might need to be said?" "Do I think if I give in all the time, there will be no conflict?"

Intimidating behaviour has become so familiar to some of us that we don't recognize that we are, in a subtle way, being bullied.

'Bully' is a strong word that we avoid - we push it way down; we don't want anything to do with it because of what it means. Pushing it down won't stop intimidating, controlling, or harassing behaviour. Understanding it will.

Behaviours that steal our good nature from us are easily fixed.

If you're interested in becoming comfortable in your own skin around people who bully, intimidate, harass and try to control you, please join me for an online course with 2 live webinars:

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