Blossoming Your Talents

Have you got 10 minutes right now for an experiment?

If your talents express, you discover magic inside of them: the world and all its troubles disappear, a feeling of joyful engagement happens, you get lost inside of what you’re doing, peace descends, negative thoughts disappear, nothing is wrong, creativity bubbles up and stress is nowhere to be found.

Our talents are like seeds waiting for the right conditions to blossom.

The talent is not what you do, but how you do it. You spot that perfect picture and use light to capture it, throw the perfect line when you fly fish, decorate that birthday cake so beautifully it looks like a picture, sing like Elvis, dance like Ginger, paint a dazzling sunset, grow a beautiful garden; the list is endless.

It’s possible to turn your talents into your job or daily doings, but it can also be a joyful pastime.

If you’re wondering what yours is, or if you think you may have another talent hidden inside, try this experiment. Ponder these questions for a few minutes. Pondering is the invitation for the conditions to be right for your talent to grow and express.

  1. What do you love to do? Be specific. Don’t say, “I love my job.” Write down exactly what parts you love.

  2. What were you doing when you felt so engaged in it that the world and all your troubles disappeared? Be specific.

  3. What was happening when what you were doing felt so right in a purely good way? Be specific.

  4. What did I just learn about myself from asking these questions?

Sit in silence and ask yourself the following questions (wait quietly for an answer without ‘thinking’ the answer and then feel all the feelings that come up with the answers until the feelings dissipate, taking with them the feelings and ideas inside of you that have been stored since you were little and have been blocking you from blossoming your talents):

  • What, inside of me, blocks me from my talents? Things l like I'm too stupid to have a talent, I don't have time for talents, etc. may come up. Feel all the feelings that come up until they disappear.

  • What might happen that might not be good if my talents were known to me and others? Ideas like I would get criticized may come up. Feel all the feelings that come up until they disappear.

  • Would others not like me if I was talented? Things like, some would and some wouldn't may come up. Remind yourself that this is your life to live.

  • What do I fear if I was talented? Things like some people would judge me, maybe even leave me or punish me if I was talented. Feel all the feelings that come up until they disappear.

Now we wait and see what talents are shown to you!

Yours in waking up,


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