Can You Love When The Other Hates?

There was a man whose mother tried to smother him to death. It seemed natural to him to hate her, but his hate was hurting him, not her.

He said he would do some inner inquiry but that he hated her and nothing could change that.

At the end of the work, he said, "I feel like I love her." That was his True Nature guiding him. It doesn't know how to hate. That doesn't mean that what she did was right. To do something like that to your child means the pain is out of control - and is likely nearly impossible to overcome. But does he have to suffer for a lifetime because of the tragedy? Not if he looks inside and brings understanding to confusion.

When WE hate, WE hurt.

I've noticed it's possible to feel love no matter what's going on - that's what our (fantastic) True Nature does best.

Hard to believe. Hard to achieve. This work isn't easy, but living with hatred is harder.

Yours in waking up,


I love this work.

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