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Be An Ex-Know-It-All

Sadly, I have a lot of experience with a know-it-all in my life – me. I began to notice something really interesting about the ‘know-it-all’ and stress, and this is what I found:

The ‘I don’t know’ mind is the best cure for stress. And I don’t know more than I do know. When that truth settles down over me, I settle down, too.

After all we don’t know much, really (beyond practical stuff).

Do you know for sure how we got here as humans?

Do you know for sure how the heart works, including all the physical, emotional, mental and energetic influences it has?

Do you know for sure that you have the recipe for success? Or that you don’t?

Do you know why you got the kids you did or the partner or friends you did?

Do you know the remedy you suggest or the advice you give – for sure – will cure what ails the other?

When we don’t know and we know we don’t know, a pin pricks the hot air balloon that the ‘I-know-mind’ creates and our shoulders relax and we breathe more deeply and begin to be grateful and curious, rather than stressed and demanding.

We want to know because we think knowing will keep us safe, help make us valuable and successful. What makes us safe, valuable and successful is to be a 100% decent human being. How to be a 100% decent human being is to look inside and see what would keep us from being that very thing.

One way to change this inside of us is this:

Notice that there is tension in us when we impose our opinion on another and/or try to convince them of something. Notice there is connection and humbleness in sharing our experience. The truth is we hardly know what to do for ourselves – that’s a good place to start.

Yours in waking up,

Brenda, Practicing Ex-Know-It-All

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