Life IS a Box of Chocolates

Looking inside of ourselves ends blame and grows freedom.

How many times a day does life look a little bit hard – or a lot hard?

Life is not hard. What we think about life is hard.

This is an example:

Mom has three kids and works, so she tends to show kindness to her kids when they’re hurt, but otherwise, there isn’t much time for kindness or anything else. The child unconsciously absorbs this information: When I’m hurt, I get kindness. That information seems true at the time, but it doesn’t serve a human being in the long run. It sets up a painful formula for receiving kindness.

The absorbed information will now create/manifest/draw situations to prove itself right: being hurt means someone will be kind to us. This is a programed missile formed in childhood that blows up in our lives as adults. This happens without us knowing why it’s happening. Ugh.

Unconscious information ‘thinks’ for us and causes upsets we can’t understand.

Sit for a minute and notice how it’s easy to show kindness to someone who is hurt – and not so easy in some other situations.

Looking inward is called self-inquiry. When we see what’s true inside of us (we are kind to people who are hurt, so we need people to hurt so we can show our kindness) we can also see that the belief is not true and doesn’t help anybody. When we see it, what isn’t true begins to disappear and leave us to respond naturally to situations. Yay!

Kindness is a quality of our True Nature and doesn’t require anything from the other.

Going from missiles to chocolates,


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