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Guy Finley's path to breaking any dependency -- the path that actually works -- is known by surprisingly few. 


Suzi Lula is Redefining SELF CARE! Taking care of OURSELVES is THE GREATEST GIFT we can give our children and all those around us!

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About the time we have a child, we believe we are sort of in control of our lives. Then comes a child, and control, in all areas, especially parenting, slips away, leaving us frustrated and desperate for change. Understanding how to parent consciously is one thing, actually having practical tools to do it is another. In only 15 mins, learn 3 techniques you can use in the heat of the moment. Tried and test by parents just like you. It’s never too late to parent.

Price: $35  Duration: ~1hr

Kid Code

While most families touched by Autism have done extensive research, and found strategies for succeeding where they can, and coping where they can’t, it can be difficult to find methods that work. Your experience of life with autism brings you challenges that few will ever face, but it has also given you strength that few will ever have. This course is a workbook that gives a new understanding of autism and contains unique ideas for making life less stressed and more fulfilled.

Price: $25  Duration: ~4-6hrs


This course is about making our relationships peaceful (with ourselves and others).  Both the bully and the victim suffer from insecurity. Behaving like a bully doesn't prove power and behaving like a victim doesn't prove innocence; they both prove weakness.Do the 15 exercises in this course and become Bully Proof.

Price: $50  Duration: ~4-6hrs

Bully Proof Yourself

Are you forgetful? Join us on a 21 Day journey to a better memory from a conscious perspective. This course will help you become more clear and less forgetful, and will give you methods to apply to upsets associated with forgetfulness, confusion, and disorientation. It will also help with the worries and thoughts around memory loss from many conditions.

Price: $50  Duration: ~4-6hrs

21 Days To A Better Memory

The power to change your destiny lies with your ability to command your attention. Where your attention is placed determines the opportunities or lack of them that will manifest for you. It also determines your level of happiness. Learning how to command your attention takes you from misery and mistakes to good-humoured Mastery – just as life intended for each of us.

Price: $75  Duration: ~4-6hrs

Attention Determines Your Destiny

Ending Upsets Instantly

This course consists of simple exercises to use in any upset to bring you back into your True Nature: a state of mind that is peaceful, joyful, loving, playful, spontaneous, grateful, compassionate, and honest. The focus is on you in an upset - what’s going on inside of you, no matter what’s going on outside. Upsets are an inside job because that’s where we experience absolutely everything. It’s a powerful awareness when we understand that others and events only catalyze what’s inside of us. Then we are not at the mercy of others or events, and have the power to uncover a kind of peace that can’t be taken from us no matter what happens to us.  

Price: $100  Duration: ~2hrs

Self Healing

This course is about ‘truthful self-seeing’ for ‘authentic self-healing’. They know that ‘heal thyself’ applies to all of us. They know that reorganizing energy begins the healing process all on its own. For anyone who has suffered with aches and pains and illness or disease, you know that they can take your attention, energy - and good nature along with them. Sometimes, they take over the best part of our lives. This course is about exploring unexplored ways to heal ourselves that enlightened beings allude to.

Price: $75  Duration: ~3hrs

Peace Practices

Human well-being is the goal of each of us, whether we’re aware of it or not. We are always trying to achieve...success, happiness, health...well-being. Everything we do is geared towards well-being. We travel many different paths in search of it and find ourselves wondering if it even exists. It does. Many people in the past have achieved it and it’s available to each of us if we understand the laws that govern us and the methods that are designed to deliver us to the highest human potential - human well-being. This course focuses on methods that bring peace.

Price: $45  Duration: ~2hrs

Grumpy to Grateful

We live on a beautiful planet. Most of us have food to eat, water to drink, a comfortable place to sleep, a good supply of gadgets that make life easy and interesting, reasonable health and enough money to get what we need. Why, then, do we feel dissatisfaction, frustration, anger, fear, and upset? When there is so much to be grateful for, why aren’t we in a constant state of gratitude? Most grumpy people I’ve met don’t admit they’re grumpy. The day I admitted I was a grump was the day I started laughing out loud for the sheer joy of being alive. The practices offered here are designed to bring one around to experiencing the gratitude that is our Natural State of being.

Price: $25  Duration: ~1hr

This is a ‘don’t-try-to-quit-the-addiction’ course. Not once during this course are you encouraged to try to quit an addiction. This course sneaks up on the addiction, just like the addiction sneaks up on you, and, it puts you in the driver’s seat, making the addiction powerless. We all know that addictions run and ruin our lives and that we seem helpless to escape the power they seem to have over us. This course is about becoming an inhospitable host to addiction so that it painlessly leaves us.

Price: $100  Duration: Most exercises take only a few minutes a day; one or two take up to 20 minutes per day (for 50 consecutive days – or as best as you can do).

Becoming an Inhospitable Host to Addiction