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There is no greater satisfaction

than to have a peaceful relationship

with everyone, especially with our kids.

Kids used to say that they wanted their parents to spend more time with them. Now kids say they wished their parents were less stressed and tired. As parents, we wish that too.


As busy parents, we don’t have time for anything except for what really works. We need answers – fast. Each of the (over one hundred) 30 second parenting strategies dissolves stress and restores calmness to both the parents and the kids – no matter what the trouble is.


The strategies in The Kid Code take the anger and confusion out of parenting and bring us back to love as a response – no pretending, and no, (or less) stressful hollering, demanding, and muttering nasty stuff under our breath, or worse, out loud.


The book teaches you what to say and do to bring peace back into the home by learning:


  • The cause of, and the cure for, stress.

  • How to use any of the exceedingly effective strategies for handling big upsetting emotional outbursts.

  • How to replace judging, and, getting upset about mistakes - with blessing them to keep them stress-free.

  • How to replace punishment with natural consequences.

  • How to stop back-talk with gratitude.

  • How to stop fear of the Boogeyman with a visit to (any kind of) Boogeyman.

  • How to trade control for calmness.

  • How to blossom kids instead of correcting and criticizing them.

  • How to stop kids from fighting.

  • How to stop bullies from bullying.

  • How to stop kids from being bullied.

  • How to stop confusion in any situation.

  • How to say ‘no’ kindly.

  • What to do with power struggles that leave you feeling powerless.

  • How to divert your attention to ‘Divinity’ (the intelligence in the Universe that spins the earth around the sun, grows trees, purifies water naturally and gives us the air we breathe - without our help or opinion) and operate from that kind of intelligence.

  • How to bring yourself and your child back to a state of clear thinking in a few seconds (sometimes, it takes a minute or two!).

  • How to teach your kids to take ‘Happy Street’ instead of ‘Mad’ or ‘Sad Street’.

  • How to give children attention, so they know they are important to you, and will listen to you better.

  • How to solve your problems with these strategies.

  • How to help kids solve their own problems with these strategies.

  • How to find happiness where it is and stop looking for it where it isn’t!


When used long-term, long-term patience and wisdom show up and short-term craziness vanishes, or at least makes fewer, less stressful appearances!


“As a new parent, I have read many books and searched many sites on the internet looking for guidance and answers. The parenting principles presented by this course [The Kid Code] is really all I ever need and is beautiful in its simplicity.”

Karlette Tunaley, Mom and Yoga Teacher

“The strategies in The Kid Code took the anger out of parenting for me.

They’re super simple, and quick. I’m not saying this lightly - my whole

parenting life changed. I now have this back-up support (The Kid Code)

which gives me time in the moment to think – “Can I do this another

way?” I find I catch myself just as I’m ready to bring out the ‘undertaker

voice’, count to 3, order them to get to their room, or just yell at them

because that seemed to work – but I had to ask myself, “Am I ruining my kids?” I knew I needed another way to parent and I found it in what I call the ‘modern’ techniques Brenda shared with me.”


Chris Veltheim, Founder, Course Rebel

“Brenda is an incredible teacher, and, has new ways of helping you see life and the challenges you can face when parenting - in ways that help you find relief.”

Janna Glasman

“Brenda’s compassion and non-judgmental personality and coaching style makes KID CODE a nurturing, rewarding, and impactful course.”


Julie Veresh, CBP- Innate Dynamics

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