'Me' Extinguishes 'We'

Nature is in service to us all the time. We breathe and eat and live, in part, due to that service. When we're young we think in terms of 'me'. We serve ourselves. As we begin to see that 'me' extinguishes 'we', we discover that giving in its purest form is rocket fuel for the human being. When we are in service to the moment - giving our full attention to whatever is being done; when we are in service to the other - giving them what they need, rather than giving them what we think they need - we are propelled into a higher state of consciousness. It's called love. Yours in waking up, Brenda


In Nature, it's easy to blossom if you are a cactus. Not so easy for human beings. If we're prickly...it's painful. Our barbs sting - they don't blossom. It can't be that only a few people have the possibility to shine full wattage inside and outside of themselves. Everyone has the potential - no exceptions. Yours in waking up, Brenda

We All End Up The Same

Judging is an act that comes from us thinking we are 'less than' and trying to be 'better than' the other. Every human being is unique. I keep looking to see if I can find another me and I haven't, and you can't find another you, either. There isn't one. We might look, act, speak and behave differently, but in the end, we all end up in the same place.... know where? Yeah, that place nobody wants to talk about - d.e.a.d. Before that day arrives, notice how useless judging is. Yours in waking up, Brenda

Burnt Toast?

My dad is 94 this year and still teaching me lessons. He often says, no matter what's going on, whether the toast is soggy or burnt, "It's just the way I like it." I could never understand how that could be possible? Aren't we meant to complain and rail against what we say we don't like? Awhile back he made it more clear to me. "If we accept what's going on we're happy. If we don't accept life, we suffer." The next opportunity I had, I tried it and felt immediate joy. (Try it today and see what happens - accept what the other is doing that you don't like). What's going on is going on anyway, whether we like it or not. It's easier to accept that people will behave like they do, say what they

How Does A Human Being 'Blossom'

Even though it's not our usual experience, more than anything, we want to have happy, fulfilling lives. It sounds like an impossible dream. But, the reality is, that when the conditions are right, a flower blossoms. When the conditions are right, a human being blossoms. That means joy finds them, and they spread it everywhere. What if there were a way to make the dream come true? I don't know if waking up and full-on blossoming is in the stars for each of us, but I do know the seed is planted in each of us and it just needs the right conditions. So, what are they? Understanding of the basic laws that govern the physical and spiritual realities of human existence. For the past several years,

Life IS a Box of Chocolates

How many times a day does life look a little bit hard – or a lot hard? Life is not hard. What we think about life is hard. This is an example: Mom has three kids and works, so she tends to show kindness to her kids when they’re hurt, but otherwise, there isn’t much time for kindness or anything else. The child unconsciously absorbs this information: When I’m hurt, I get kindness. That information seems true at the time, but it doesn’t serve a human being in the long run. It sets up a painful formula for receiving kindness. The absorbed information will now create/manifest/draw situations to prove itself right: being hurt means someone will be kind to us. This is a programed missile formed in

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