Brenda Miller

About Me

About Me - Brenda Miller

My education in business, writing and nutrition was useful, but there was no magic in it; there was something missing in my life and I couldn’t find it. I thought I could make myself happy and finally saw that nothing I was doing was causing long-term, 'can’t-shake-it' happiness. 


The number of traumas in my life felt staggering right from the time I was little. They made me seek something else. The something else that found me was self-inquiry, consciousness work, and then slowly, life started changing. 


I felt like I was blossoming. All the petals aren’t open yet, and the ones that are make me feel like all of life is an extension of my heart. 

I love to find the truth and then put it in simple words and quick foolproof methods, and even though they aren’t magic, they work like magic and change lives - instantly. We’ve always known that we want to feel filled with awe, touched by greatness, stilled by beauty, and above all, we want to feel real, genuine, ourselves, no pretending. The reason we want to feel that is because it is our True Nature and we feel and do best in life when we are in those states of being.


I have three kids who teach me more than the colleges I attended, a husband who does this work, too, and ranks as my number 1 teacher, and six granddaughters who teach me, tickle my heart and humble me  – I can’t believe I didn’t know how beautiful life was and that a child does know; it’s built into them – and us. A child’s True Nature isn’t covered by conditioning and that’s why they are remarkable teachers without knowing it. 

What I do?

Share methods that get quick and deep aha’s that heal. 

The End Goal?

Wake up and love, no pretending.

Wake up and love, no pretending.