This insightful ‘how-to’ book helps solve kids problems: tantrums, back-talk, lying, rebellion, laziness, stomping, huffing, attitude, emotional outbursts, fighting, negativity, irrationality, stubbornness, anger issues, bullying, being bullied, jealousy, fear (of the Bogeyman, etc.), screen time fights, ‘must-do’ fights (like chores, brushing teeth, helping with household duties, etc.), and more – because kids will display every behavior we wish they wouldn’t!


All of the strategies give you and your kids relief in the moment of upset, or, right after, and that’s like a miracle!


Welcome to my website. I am a peace coach; it’s what I wanted most in my life, what I began to find, and what I want to share with you.

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Who will this work benefit?

People who know that resisting 
conflict is more painful than looking at it. 

People who are willing to look for another way to solve (seeming) problems.
(A problem is a teacher that disappears when we see the lesson it brings.)

Little kids: they have a great capacity for the truth because they aren’t so far from it.

Anyone who knows that deeper understandings bring deeper insights - and deeper insights put us in line with 
our purpose, our True (and very fantastic) 
Nature - this work brings The Blossoming. 

People who hurt and long for relief.

People who are new to consciousness work but know that the ways they've used to help themselves have left them unfulfilled. 

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If you make the right conditions
(take care of the soil and the roots),
the flower happens. 
If you make the right conditions
(do Consciousness work),
a human being blossoms.
Your free aha moments await.

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Aha’s heal. Healing in the body, the mind and the emotions is what happens when you discover truth. Next to laughter, truth IS the best medicine.

“This lady is a game changer.”  
Eric M.
“I am thankful for the path that took me to meet Brenda and thankful that she is such an amazing presence and present (!) in my life, helping me uncover my true self and giving me tools to navigate when I am not sure where to go.” 
Jackie S.
“Of the many gifts Brenda has given me over the years, one of the best is that she is able to show me a larger picture of what I am being shown in my life when I am unable to see.
Brenda does this with such compassion, humility and kindness that it is impossible not to receive the message being offered. Along with this she has given me the tools to do much of this work myself.” 
Michele S.
"Wake up and love, no pretending."

Brenda Miller


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